Email Data Verification Services

Removal of Invalid Email Addresses will prevent Email bouncing and maintain your Email sender reputation. We use latest technology to remove all invalid & suspected email addresses from your Email database. It will remove both types of Email IDs –

  1. Removes email addresses that don’t exist.
  2. Removes misspelled email addresses.


Benefits of using verified Email Data for Email Marketing Campaign
  1. Lowers bounce rate under thresholds required by most ESPs.
  2. Protects your IP reputation and increases deliverability.
  3. Improves inbox placement and email campaign performance.


Maximum Inbox Delivery We provide an email verification service trusted by small companies, corporate, startups and email service providers all over the world to remove bounces & improve email marketing performance.

99% Email Deliverability We guarantee that 99% of your emails will be delivered after using our email data cleaning service.


Email Data Validation Pricing

Rs.2000/- ($20) for 1,00,000 Email Verification – 1 Day Delivery

Rs.4000/- ($50) for 3,00,000 Email Verification – 3 Days Delivery

Rs.7000/- ($100) for 7,00,000 Email Verification –  5 Days Delivery

Call 8368751888 If You Have More Email Data To Validate