Telemarketing Business is Very Expensive Now

Banking & Finance companies in India have been showing their interest since last couple of years to buy leads from lead generation companies. Even many DSAs are also winding up their Telemarketing setups stopping annoying outbound calls in India. Even its very difficult to arrange fresh database for outbound marketing as most of the data being sold in the market are churned repeatedly by such agencies. This is the time when demand of online lead generation services is increasing day by day. Sales Conversion Ratio of online leads is pretty good as compared to the leads generated through telemarketing.process. Lots of monthly expenditure and burden also decreases if you buy leads from genuine lead providers. Even pricing of online leads is also affordable. Running outbound telemarketing business is really very very expensive in India now a days which roughly costs Rs.20000/- per month per seat and the business owner does not know what profit he will get at the end of the month.